Homeschool Diary - 3 Cheshvan 5771

Monday - Still part of the weekend due to the holiday
       Morning - Davening
                       Handwriting - Copywork wow and cow
                       Introduce new letter of the week
                       Finish last week's math wrokbook pages
                       Read Lech Lecha in Reading Genesis
       Afternoon - Froggy Daddy Date time
                          Mommy goes scrapbooking
Tuesday - Daddy's Birthday
      Morning -  Davening
                        Birthday Breakfast with Daddy
                      Fieldtrip - White House Kitchen Garden tour
      Afternoon -
                       Lollipop Logic
                       Introduce new math topic - Other types of Addition
                       Handwriting Copywork - tot and Cot
        Evening - Birthday Dinner out with Daddy then home to open presents
       Morning - Davening
                       Vocabulary for Zayin -
                       Math - Dreambox
       Afternoon - Ballet and Japanese
       Evening - Family Swim Time

       Morning - Davening
                       Parsha Craft - not sure what yet - something with tents or caves or the like
                       Math - workbook pages
       Afternoon - Gymnastics
Friday - 
        Morning - Davening 
                        Get Ready for Shabbat
                         Handwriting - page in HWT
                         Finish Math Workbook Pages                    
       Afternoon - Park Day

       Evening - Welcome Shabbat as a family - woohoo we made it.


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