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A while back Raising A Happy Child reviewed the computer math program at Dreambox Learning.
Her first review had some reservations which she quickly retracted as her daughter played and used the program.  Still I was hesitant. Raising a Happy Child went beyond her review and recommended it specifically for Froggy and yet I was still reluctanct.  I cannot explain the reluctance since we had such great success with Starfall.  Maybe it was that it was a commercial site rather than free but I think it was simply the online element. 

Whatever the reason for the reluctance I got over it.  This week Froggy started with her own journey through the Dreambox adventures.  She was immediately thrilled.  She has only spent about an hour or so total playing but has completed 7 lessons and half of their Kindergarten curriculum based on the placement lesson.  I like that the program is adaptive.  In just the short time Froggy was playing it the questions became harder in one kind of math while they also became easier in another based on her skill in that area.

It looks nice so far and Froggy is enjoying it which is a huge plus in my book.  We are still doing our Singapore Math but I am hoping that this will be a fun review game / practice game something to help show Froggy that she is truly mastering the skills. We have one week left on our free trial.  Depending on how the week goes we will see if we continue or not.

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  1. I am glad that Froggy is enjoying DreamBox. We're now in the end of first grade, and at some point I was getting a little frustrated with repetition. However, it did reinforce two-digit numbers really well, and eventually we progressed to new topics. Overall I still give DreamBox an A after about 2 months of using it.

  2. For the new feature of dreambox we can easily learning with enjoyment.This is a really great stuff and very thanks for this post.


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