Menu Planning Monday

Last week's Lamb Tagine from Autumn Gatherings turned out delicious.  Serving it in the pumpkin was nice for Shabbat and looked really pretty but we did not eat it as they suggest in the book and probably will not serve it like that regularly.  The squash cake on the other had was thick and dense and did not turn out well at all. 

Monday - Froggy's Birthday - she gets to pick.  Nuggets mac and cheese and broccoli and birthday cake.  I also need to make cupcakes for Girl Scouts.
Tuesday - Fish ala Jenn, rice, keem and peas
Wednesday -Pasta with sauce, garlic bread and salad
Thursday - Baked Marinated Chicken With Couscous and Spinach (did not do last week)
Friday -Challah, Salmon, rice keem and asparagus, apple crisp.


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