Homeschool Diary - 10 Cheshvan 5771

Our week this week is very crazy and our goals are minimal.  The week is full of excitement and visitors culimating with Froggy's birthday party Sunday afternoon.

We are starting our week with our annual Fall Harvest Fun Day. We will go straight from the farm to Daisy Investiture so there will be no schooling at all.

Tuesday I am hoping to get in some solid learning since Tuesday night a little girl is coming to stay with us for a visit while her parents are away.  I think Froggy is  more excited about this than she is her party.  And then because our house will not be full enough the grandparents arrive on Thursday. 

This week my main goal is maintaining routine.  Among all the additions, special events and visitors I will work to keep as much of our standard activities as possible.

As for academics we will continue with Handwriting and Math and Parsha.  The portion for this week is perfect since it is about inviting visitors into the home.  How more perfect could the timing be than a week when our house is overflowing with visitors.  We will also read Sarah Laughs by Jacqueline Jules.  I love all her works but this is my favorite.  It shaped the way we tell Froggy her birth story which always includes the line "and then placed you on Mommy's tummy and I said, "my darling girl you have brought ___ back into our lives so we will name you __."

We will also work on our alef bet.  This week is chet which is as much a challenge for Froggy as the sh in English which still sounds like S so we will see how that goes.


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