Sunday Science - Eric Energy

We learned about all different kinds of energy from Eric Energy.  It was a fun show put on by the Discovery Theater.  You know the show is well done when even the professional science teacher part likes it not just the mommy part.  

 We learned about the Bernoulli principle when Eric Energy became a giant windbag and blew up a huge bag with just one breath.  Almost Unschoolers did a similar experiment that I kept saying I would show Froggy but never got around to. Eric Energy did it for me and now I don;t have to  (Really I still hope to let her do this at home one day soon.

 We then got to see "volcanos" via dry ice.  He did soap suds and then collapsed the bubbles releasing the C02.  It was neat seeing the smoke come out of bubbles
For every demo or experiment he did he got the audience involved with lots of participation.  There were children of all ages there and they all got something out of it I think.


  1. What a cool show to get to see. I haven't found anything like this, but I've been looking out for it.


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