Tiny Talk Tuesday - What Am I


These are the kinds of conversations we have in the car - This one was prompted when I told Froggy that no wolves were allowed in my car and I would need to change her back to a girl before she could get in.

Froggy - what kind of wild animal can I be in the car
me - a gold fish
Froggy - no it has to be a land animal
me - a racoon
Froggy - no animals that dig holes
me - a tiger
Froggy - no animals with claws
me - ok a kaola
Froggy - no Australian animals
me - hmm a deer
Froggy - nope no mammals

At this point I was positive no animal would ever be ok but Dad took on the challenge and kept playing with her while I tried not split my sides laughing


  1. Too funny - good thing that Froggy agreed to turn back to the girl :)

  2. That is a hilarious conversation! Love it! Did daddy ever find an appropriate animal?

    Welcome to TTT!


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