What We Are Reading - Fairies

A wonderful friend at synagogue lent Froggy the first set of the Rainbow Fairy books this week and she fell instantly in love.  She has had at least one with her at all times since. In the books, Jack Frost is the bad guy.  It is strange to me to see him portrayed that way.  I don't think Froggy has actually read any of them yet but she sure is loving on them.

We have been reading more Little House on the Prairie.  We read about Pa building the doors and Daddy felt a need to pipe in with a comment about oak being a hard wood and how he did not like working with oak because it was so hard.  This of course prompted a rather lengthy discussion of oak versus pine and what our doors were made of.   Poor Froggy was very concerned that her doors were not oak and therefore not safe and stout like Laura's.  It took work but we managed to reassure her that her doors were indeed safe and stout.

Froggy continues her obsession with Jack and Annie.  She discovered the Merlin missions which are newer additions to the series.  She is currently visiting Antartica through Eve of the Emperor Penguin.  I am not as thrilled with these. I do not like the addition of magic to the mix.  In the basic books Jack and Annie use research, thought and cooperation to accomplish the mission.  In the Merlin books magic is the easy out. Also in the Merlin books the history lessons disappear, only tangentially replaced by science.


  1. That's a shame they took out so much of what made the original books so great.

  2. Ugh - I shudder when I see a new batch of Rainbow Magic books entering the house (from the library, so luckily, they're all free!).
    But I thought I'd let you know that they have a cool "create-your-own-fairy" gizmo at the official website:
    I liked doing this with dd because I used it as a chance to talk about fairy "middot" and she could customize and name her own fairy.

  3. Thanks for joining WMCIR! We have one of those Fairy books - at some point we have to try them out. I agree with you on Merlin Missions.


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