Drawing Elephants

About six to eight months ago, I stumbled across what I thought would be a terrific book, Sing Play Create to use with Froggy at the library.  I brought it home and tried valiantly to entice her into the activities.  No joy.  She just was not ready for it.  So back to the library it went.

Flash forward to present and Froggy is trying to draw more and actively interested in writing.  We went back to the library and checked out the book again. This time it was a huge hit.  For our first activity, I started with the zoo section since we are planning a trip to the zoo this weekend.  We read The Saggy Baggy Elephant  which we enjoyed mostly because it was a story I remember reading as very little person rather than for the story itself.

And then Froggy drew her very own elephant on the brand new story book paper she received for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa following the step by step guide in Sing Play Create. We also played trunk push(again from Sing Play Create) but instead of their suggested song, we did a song from Adventures in MamaLand which helps practice our Hebrew counting.  Of course our zoo does not have elephants at this time but that does not matter. It was still a fun activity with lots of learning mixed in.


  1. If you are going to National, they do have two elephants on display. You can see them from the bridge on the Asia Trail or go past that and there is another path just past their old home that you can go back to it. We were there on Friday.


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