Math Monday

It has been awhile since I posted an update on Math at the Landing.  We have almost finished the Lollipop Logic book.  This week we start the final section entitled, "Inferences".  To me it is picture matching and very basic and simple but we shall see.  Froggy completely surpassed my expectations with the deductive reasoning section.  When we started it, I read the story and then gave her "wait time" as any good educator would so that I could best judge how to explain the steps based on the questions or comments she made.  There were no questions. She just jumped right to answering it correctly.  I have no idea what her thought process was all I know is that she loved them.  I am currently looking for more on a similar/ slightly harder level.  These had only three short sentences as clues and only four options to arrange.  We are looking into this book but I really want  the thoughts of someone who has used it before purchasing.

We are once again playing Dreambox after a serious break.  Froggy hit a section that she felt she could not do and all the adventures kept presenting only that style game.  She stopped wanting to play.  So we took a break.  Upon returning I found a game that used the same concept as the game Froggy hated but without the flashcard element.  Seeing that she could do that gave her faith in herself to try the flashcard version.  She did great and is willing to play again. 
We are also still working our way through our Singapore Math book.

For other neat math ideas come visit the blog hop at Joyful Learning


  1. I got the book too after your recommendation. We haven't done it yet but we'll get to it soon. Mind Benders look interesting but sorry, I have no experience with it. Thanks for sharing!


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