Menu Monday - Thanksgiving Week


The fondue was a great hit last weekend. Thanks to my sister, we seem to be on a roll of yummy easy chocolate desserts.  I made the fondue right before Shabbat and put it in an already warm crockpot which I kept on until candle lighting then unplugged so that I could bring it to the table at dessert time.  The fondue was not burning hot but plenty warm and perfect given that little people were doing the dipping. 
Sunday - Sloppy Joes (made from leftover potroast), sweet potato fries and salad.
Monday -GirlScouts then dinner out.
Tuesday -Pasta with homemade sauce, garlic bread and salad.
Wednesday - No School - Fish ala Jenn, rice and peas
Thanksgiving - Dinner at a friends.  I am bringing Maple Pumpkin Cannoli I will not be making my only cannoli shells but I will make my own ricotta so that it is parve.
 Friday - Challah, Maple Sugar Salmon, rice, keem, asparagus, brownies and pumpkin cookies for dessert.


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