We went to a really neat poetry workshop for children this past weekend.  Debbie Levy, author of Maybe I'll Sleep in the Bathtub Tonight and Other Funny Bedtime Poems, did a fun program with the children to enable them to discover the joy of poetry.  She read some of her poems, played games and at the same time helped the group write their own poems.

We bought her book at the event which meant we even got her to sign it.  It has been a favorite since the event.  Froggy loves the language and it is special to her because she met the author.  Ms. Levy gave each of the children a duck as a prop during the event and Froggy reads the poems to the duck often.

We are also enjoying another poetry book this week, Stella Unleashed, Notes From the Doghouse.  It is a series of cute poems written from the dog's perspective.  It is a wonderful contrast to Maybe I'll Sleep in the Bathtub Tonight and Other Funny Bedtime Poems.   In the Bedtime book, all the poems rhyme and follow a very predictable meter. In Stella, the poems are more varied length, meter, and rhyming pattern. The content is more appealing as well.  The poems made me smile one and all.
We also  read I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie, based on a suggestion from Almost Unschoolers.  We even made the old lady puppet and fed her as we read the poem.  Froggy was thrilled with the project and continued to feed her puppet even after we finished reading the poem.  Unfortunately she made off with the puppet before I could take pictures and now neither one of us can find it. 

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  1. Those poetry books look fun! I love reading poetry to my girls. I'm hoping they will learn to love poetry more than I did as a girl. (I like poetry a lot more now than I used to!)

  2. Visiting from Little Sprout Books! I haven't done any poetry yet with my son, this is a good idea. Thanks for sharing. I like your blog design too.

  3. These look great! It is such fun to get the author to sign the book.

  4. Thanks for joining WMCIR! We love good poetry books here. Both books sound great, and we'll look for them.


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