Tiny Talk Tuesday

Conversation had on the way to the restroom during dinner out one evening recently

Froggy - I want Daddy
Me - I am sorry kiddo but 5yr old little girls do not get to go potty with their daddies.
Froggy - but 5yr old boys can
Me - yes because little boys have the same parts as daddies and little girls have the same parts as mommies
Froggy -(after a pause)  I wish I was a boy
Me - Why on earth do you want that?
Froggy - because then I could go potty with Daddy.

I am very sure that the entire lobby waiting to be seated got a good laugh at our conversation.  Similar conversations are played over and over again at the Landing because Froggy wants nothing more than to be with her Daddy all the time no matter what.

I am linking this to Tiny Talk Tuesday hosted by Not Before 7. 


  1. Welcome to TTT! Love that conversation. It's sweet that she likes to be with daddy so much. I am sure everyone within earshot was cracking up!

    Happy TTT!


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