Veteran's Day


Sometimes the American holidays get overlooked in our teaching. With so many military families in our circle of friends I feel it is important to honor and teach about Veterans Day.  We talked about all our friends who have Daddy's who are in the military and what it means to be a soldier.  With all our recent readings about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, the discussions are much more meaningful this year than in the past.  We checked out the only decent book on the topic at the library.  I was very disappointed at the books I could find.  This one does at least give some of the history of the holiday and how the name and the ways of observing have changed over time. 

Acorn has the day off of school.  We are making construction paper flags and thank you cards to deliver tomorrow to all the Veterans and active duty military we know.  I think this is the part that really helped bring it home for Froggy this year. It will be fun seeing the faces of the friends as we make our deliveries. 

ps.  I know the blog is lacking in pictures lately.  We are working on some camera issues.  Hope to fix it soon.  


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