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With a change in scheduling we ended up at a different branch of our library system recently. I enjoyed it immensely because it meant that we got to see a completely different collection of "Librarian Picks". We brought home lots and lots of books which Froggy checked out on her very own brand new library card.  She is so proud of being able to check out books her own books now. We are still reading our chapter book and Froggy still loves her Magic Treehouse books but lately all the bedtime reading has been picture books again. 

While we did get many Thanksgiving/harvest books, they were not the favorites.  The top winner for Froggy is  The Tooth Fairy Meets El Raton PerezFor some reason Froggy seems to gravitate to books that are presented in both Spanish and English.  Unlike Drum Chavi Drum this one does not present the same text in both languages. Instead each character speaks in the appropriate language.  One has to either know Spanish or get the meaning from context.  Froggy read the book to herself several times before I got my hands on it.  It was fun to see how much of the Spanish she was actually able to get from context.

Another big hit is The Pumpkin Runner, a fun piece of historical fiction based loosely on Cliff Young, an Australian farmer/runner.  I loved the unrealistic swirly stylistic illustrations and simplistic way the main character speaks when compared with the other characters.  This book prompted some great conversations about Australia, work and sharing.  
The final book I want to share for this week is Adventure Annie Goes To Work.   Annie and her mom have a special ritual in which they go on adventures together each Saturday.  Unfortunately this Saturday, mom needs to go to work.  "Adventure" Annie goes with and the story ensues. The story is straightforward and the illustrations are the typical brightly colored illustrations and we liked the story.  It is a nice lesson of making the best of a bad situation happily and looking on the bright side.  I like that it presents the lesson without being preachy.


  1. That first one sounds kind of interesting.

  2. Interesting...when we were at the library last week, my 4-year-old insisted on getting a Magic Tree House book that's in both English and Chinese (even though he already owns the English-only version).

  3. It's pretty neat that Froggy is interested in bilingual books. The second one sounds interesting for our Australian theme. We read Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten, but my daughter really disliked it - she doesn't like it when characters get in trouble even when it ends well. Thanks for joining WMCIR!


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