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The biggest hit of the week came from one of the most unexpected places.  The third grade teacher at Hebrew School brought in a  Thanksgiving book to share with her class.  I asked why a book about Thanksgiving was part of her curriculum.  And she shared the book.  It is an amanzingly wonderful book called Molly's Pilgrim in which a third grade girl new to America learns the meaning of  Thanksgiving and what a pilgrim is. Each child in the class is instructed to make a Pilgrim doll.  Molly talks to her mom about what a pilgrim is and in the end creates a doll that resembles her Russian mother rather than the traditional pilgrim explaining that her mother is her Pilgrim hero.

The next win of the week is a piece of my past.  Growing up on near the space coast of Florida, the sea turtles hold a special place in my heart.  Turtle, Turtle Watch Out  is a wonderful book just recently back in print that tells the story of  some kind people who help baby turtles make it to the water. Once I was old enough I  was allowed to out on "turtle watches"  to help ensure that as many babies as possible make it all the way to the ocean. We would bring flashlights to help redirect any turtles that get confused just like they do in the story.  It was so much fun sharing this book with Froggy and alternating it with the stories of my own personal experiences.

The final win of the week is The Midnight Unicorn.  Froggy is thrilled by all things magical.  She loves fairies and unicorns so this book was perfect for her.  The unicorn statue in the park comes to life and takes the little girl on fantastic adventures all over the world.  Finally the end their adventures in the unicorn grove where she meets all the other unicorns.  The book is large and the drawings are lovely and vivid without being cartoony.

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  1. My daughter will love The Midnight Unicorn! We're going to the library today, so I will be sure to look it up!

    Visiting you from Feed Me Books Friday!

  2. Molly's Pilgrim sounds very interesting! I like the twist.

  3. I saw Midnight Unicorn last week and didn't get it because we already had a huge stack. I'll have to be sure to get it this week.

  4. The Midnight Unicorn sounds lovely - I am adding it to our reading list. It's wonderful that you can share your first hand experience with turtles. Thanks for joining WMCIR!


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