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I am going through a serious conundrum right now.  I am extremely dissatisfied with the way Froggy's Hebrew school class is being run.  I have been since the beginning of the year.  I have made my concerns know to both the Religious School Director and the Education Committee Chairs.  Their responses through out the process have been less than desired but at least within acceptable limits.  Well that was until the latest round of discussion. 

I complained that here we are 2 months into the school year and according to the teacher they have yet to play any games at all.  The teacher was talked to and thus scheduled a game.  The first game they played was the week before Thanksgiving and it was a Hanukkah version of Bingo which still means sitting still. Not what we are looking for. The response was the director was to tell the teacher she is doing a marvelous job and keep up the good work.  Her response to me was " Be Positive" (ie stop complaining everything is great)

Yes the curriculum as outlined for the students is being covered but in basically two formats only.  Worksheets/phamplets which the teacher reads through with the children and crafts.  This is not appropriate for any age level but especially not for a Kindergarten class.  The fourth grade teacher plays more games with his kids than this teacher does.

I don't know where to go from here.  I am so frustrated with the Director and the powers that be for their lack of response that Froggy and I have an appointment to visit the local Chabad Hebrew School to see if she could transfer there.   I would really prefer not to do that because I feel that Hebrew School is a time of fellowship as well as learning and one should attend with the children of the synagogue but other than finding a new shul Chabad is our only alternative to the current situation.


  1. One of the reasons our kids don't go to Hebrew school is because the kids spend so much time doing busy work at our school. The teachers have no control of the classes and the kids are by-and-large out of control. We made the decision to teach the kids ourselves and then to hire tutors. The upside is that they get a good education, the downside is that they miss those Jewish connections.

  2. Shez - I never sent her to Hebrew School with the intention her getting an education there. I provide her Jewish education along side her secular education.

    The entire purpose for her going is to have fun and make friends. Unfortunately when all they do is sit in their seats and do craft projects she is accomplishing neither of our goals.


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