Math Monday - Pattern Matching

Froggy received a beautiful wooden pattern play set for her birthday from a good friend when she turned 3.  She did not play with it then or at any of the times I have brought it out since until now.  Finally she is ready. 
The pattern cards are numbered and start out fairly easy but get progressively harder.  We did the first two cards.  It was a challenge for Froggy's spacial perception skills. Getting the pieces in the center to fit together took more thought than I would have imagined even after being shown once. After two cards she was too frustrated to continue.  Still I think this game will come out on a rotating basis and eventually her skill will improve.  I feel it is a necessary skill set and it is fun for Froggy in short bursts.

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  1. That looks like a fun present.

  2. The one you linked to doesn't look the same, but yours looks very much like a big version of our Cuisenaire rods. Hope she has fun with it!

  3. I keep looking at something like this online and keep thinking that it might be a bit too early and therefore cool her enthusiasm for this kind of activity in the future. But I agree with your assessment - pattern games help with spatial perception and geometrical awareness. Froggy did a great job on this pattern.

  4. That would make a nice gift. I love manipulatives that the children can grow into.


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