Sensory Box

We made our first sensory box for Acorn.  Froggy and I put it together while Acorn was sleeping so that we could surprise her with it.  Froggy very much enjoyed helping me make it.

We used one of the bigger sized bins we keep available for projects.  The theory is that this will be our dedicated sensory box and the contents will just rotate.  I gathered our supplies. We used red kidney beans, a variety pack of colored noodles that I purchased and a bag of leftover pompoms from different art projects. I gave all the supplies to Froggy along with a big scoop and she assembled the box. She had a fun time scooping them in.  When we were done we decided that the noodles overwhelmed the other elements so Froggy removed some one by one naming them and creating a story as she went.

Then it came time to present the finished product to Acorn.  She was not as thrilled with it as we had hoped.  She played in it some but was much more interested in eating the noodles than exploring the textures.  From now on sensory boxes will not have any noodles in them even though they are great texturally.  For some reasons the beans (which she recognizes as food) do not trigger the same reaction as noodles.


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