Art Fail

We are trying hard to engage Acorn in our books more.  We chose Red Light, Green Light because she loves drive the big dump truck.   First we read the version by Margaret Wise Brown (depicted to the right).  Right now the only books she will listen to are rhyming books so this worked out great. We then read a longer, non-rhyming story of the same title by Anastasia Suen.  Acorn listened to it as well or at least sat with us.

We then made stop lights.  This is the first art project I have tried at home with Acorn.  She does art regularly at school but we have not done any at home mostly because Acorn needs hand over hand help the entire time the art supplies are out and for any but the most basic projects Froggy still needs help.  So I chose a very simple project I hoped Froggy would like and be able to master largely on her own.
I had all the supplies for both girls ready and assembled before I presented it.  It was fun to break out the new art supplies Froggy received as holiday gifts.  We painted the inside of three lids, one for each light and left them to dry.  That was where the fun ended.  We tried to glue them onto the "post".  I encouraged Froggy to to do her own work while I helped Acorn.  She was not interested.  Acorn and I could not get her lids to stick to the paper towel roll. We finally gave up calling the project a disaster.

For other art ideas that work much better check out StArt at A Mommy's Adventure


  1. Ah a lovely way to learn about traffic lights! And I bet your lights were great at the end! We learnt about Red and Green whilst waiting at the lights for a friend once... I bet my son would have enjoyed the book though!

    I would LOVE for you to join us at Kids Get Crafty (every Wednesday on Red Ted Art) - current link up

    Hope to see you there!


  2. With all the construction equipment we have at our house I should make signs too.


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