Thursday, January 27

פרפר - Butterflies

I finally got my act together and synergized our learning and touch on every single subject with the same topic.  Our letter for the week is פ.  We chose פרפר which means butterfly as our word for the week.  Yes it is early in the year to be studying butterflies but one accepts the letters as they come.   

A friend invited us to visit the Smithsonian Butterfly Garden with them but unfortunately it did not work out and we missed going.  Instead we took a virtual tour and read several butterfly books

We read (actually reread) From Catepillar to Butterfly.  We first read this book last year when we hatched our own catepillars. Thanks to  Adventures In Mama-Land I even had a copywork sheet ready to run through the life cycle and bring writing/spelling practice to the mix.
First Froggy practiced drawing a butterfly using the step by step approach in Things Girls LoveThis is working better for us than the Draw Write Now books did.  The pictures are simpler and more to Froggy's liking.  
We did a pompom butterfly craft which Froggy loved even though I only had blues and whites to offer her for pompoms. 

Then we made our own butterflies. It was a fun way to remind Froggy about symmetry as we cut the butterflies out of construction paper.  We used a brown construction paper for the main body and then cut holes for the spots in the wings. Froggy glued bits of tissue paper of the holes to give the butterfly her colors.


For other great story extenders check out StArt at A Mommy's Adventure


  1. Beautiful! Blue and white makes it an ISRAELI butterfly! פרפר ישראלי!
    If your Hebrew is not too terrible, you could try the Very Hungry Caterpillar in Hebrew at some point. For me, it was a good way to introduce Hebrew reading with a very easy vocabulary (and a story I already knew!).

  2. I wish my Hebrew was good enough for that but it is not. It is getting better everyday right along with Froggy's so maybe together we will be ready for it by Rosh Hashana