Jamestown Fort

We have been studying Jamestown and Pocahontas this week as the beginning of our unit on Colonial America and the Revolution. 

I checked out a collection of books from the library for the unit as a whole but the list was sorely lacking in ones for Jamestown in specific.  The only one that I found that Froggy actually enjoyed was Life in the Times of Pocahontas and the Early Colonies. We also read Jamestown.

We made a flip book about Pocahontas out of U.S. History Little Books: Famous People.I tried to encourage Froggy to color it but she was not really interested. 

And for our culminating activity, we tried to make a model of the fort of Jamestown using Popsicle sticks and a variety of other materials.  I did most of the actual construction but Froggy helped and talked with me through the project about where to put what.  We used one of the illustrations in the flip book as our guide.We did not build all the buildings or all the ramps up to the palisades.  We did get enough done to see the need for the ramps and the different kinds of buildings.  We talked a lot about the different buildings and who used which and why
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  1. Nice ideas! Love the fort!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. So much fun going on here. We go through times too where coloring just doesn't happen. Love that fort! Thank you for linking up this week.

  3. Impressive fort! Froggy dives deep into history already, and it's great that she likes non-fictional books.


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