Math Monday - Borrowing

Froggy's big math concept this week is borrowing even though we have not used that term at all.  This topic was introduced a while back in her Singapore book.  We went through it and did the exercises but I did not see the lightbulb go off.  This week we were "officially" doing review but it was clear Froggy had not understood how to solve the problems.

So I explained it again and saw the lightbulb this time.  Singapore math presents the problems in a horizontal fashion rather than stacking the numbers as I was taught.  I don't know why but I am working the system for now.  They also are big on number families which I think of similar to factoring but for addition.  I think calling it a number family is what confused Froggy the first time around.  This time we referred to it as breaking open the group of ten.

Here is an example of Froggy's worksheet.  She understood place value much better going into this explanation and it made a world of difference.  For example to subtract 16-8, she used up the 6 "loose ones" then needed 2 more from the group of 10 to take away all 8 so that only 8 as the answer.

I love watching her finally get a concept.  I am glad that Singapore builds this review into the curriculum so that I get a chance to ensure the concept is there.

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  1. I love "light bulb moments". It's great that Froggy grows more comfortable with math.

  2. It is nice to see them grasp something new isn't it? For them and us! :-)

  3. I agree, those "light bulb" moments are the best!


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