A New Semester , A New Start

We have two semesters each year.  One that starts with Rosh Hashana and one that starts with the secular New Year.  I use that time to start new units, activities, and classes. 

The new items for this semester are a big focus on science and history and more responsibility for Froggy.  

We are starting a unit on Early American History which will cover through the Revolutionary War.  We are doing a new science class on Physics as well as a big push on nature study.  Also, Froggy will go back to swimming and PE this semester although not until Spring.

The best part though from my perspective is the new responsibility.  With the addition of Acorn to our learning environment, I really needed Froggy to step up and take charge of certain aspects.  So we created a chart where she is responsible for making sure things happen.  The first two are old and well under her belt.  Shacrit is a joint activity and only on the list to show its place in the order of events.  The same can be said for the last two items. 

Acorn joined our learning environment in the middle of last semester so this is my first time planning for two.  The majority of Acorn's formal schooling occurs at her school but I work with her a great deal as well.  We will work on motor skills, particularly crossing the midline, sign language, and sensory integration.


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