One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Maybe life with Acorn would be easier if we had started with her from the very beginning but then again maybe not. 

It has only been about four months since she came into our lives and has made lots of progress but I feel that every time we take one step forward we also take two steps backward.  So much of parenting her and teaching her is so different than anything I know or am used to it is tricky for me.  Her teacher says she is doing great and making appropriate progress but I do not see it. 

We are trying to teach her sign language as well as using a modified PIE system (which is pictures on cards to show what she wants). 

She will now sign eat.  Every time she sits down at the table.  Which she will do every single time I ask her to.  Daddy and I both thought at first that it was accurate communication but now we are not so sure since many times she then refuses to eat.  She gets frustrated as so do we. 

She is now picking up and handing me a card at breakfast but she shows no sign of being able to identify what the picture is on the card.  She just understands at this point that she is supposed to give me a card if it is out.


  1. So frustrating! ASL should help, but I don't really know what all of Acorn's issues are. I asked a while back in a comment - are you fostering her? Mazel tov again on the expanded family!


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