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I just got our renewal notice in the mail for PJ Library. Sometimes deciding whether or not to renew a subscription is a difficult choice.  Not with PJ Library.  Anyone who is a long time reader of this blog has heard me sing the praises of the various books as they have arrived.  Each book individually is (generally) a treasure.  Have a wonderful surprise come in the mail for your child each month without you planning anything is a treasure.  Building a library of Jewish stories is priceless.

I remember reading All of A Kind Family in third grade.  While it is a quality book and should be loved for that reason alone, what made it so special and wonderful for me was that it was about Jewish children.  I at already eight years of age and living in a significantly Jewish neighborhood had never before encountered Jewish literature.

I am thrilled beyond thrilled that Froggy at only five and not even living in a Jewish neighborhood has already a significant library of Jewish literature that extends beyond teaching the holidays and Sammy Spider.


  1. I wish we'd had this - sadly, it's only available in one Canadian community. Enjoy your new year of great Jewish books!!!


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