Playful Patterns

Froggy's Singapore book is wrapping up with a touch on a variety of topics that are not arithmetic.  This week's topic is shapes.

Inspired by Almost Unschoolers,Froggy and I did a baby version of tangrams.  I pulled out Froggy's Playful Patterns box and gave it another try.  She has had it since she was about two and never really taken to it.  This time was much better.  Unlike the big kid version, Playful Patterns really shows the little ones where each piece goes so that the can build the shape.
Froggy loved it this time.  I wanted her to do a few but she did not want to stop.  Not only did she not want to stop but she asked to play it again later. 
Part of why she did not want to do it the first time was that she could not make the shapes.  Her manual dexterity was not up to putting the pieces inside the lines.  This time there was no difficulty with that and she could focus on the fun of choosing the different shapes and dissecting the more complicated patterns into their
component shapes.



  1. This game looks like fun. Anna just got something similar from her grandparents and also enjoyed it quite a bit. In our version the cards didn't break down into easy shapes, but started with very easy patterns, which allowed daughter to experience success early. And I agree with you - being able to place the piece precisely matters a lot.


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