Purim Planning

Now that Tu B'Shevat is over I have officially started my Purim planning.  I am working on the first draft of our Mishlach Manot list, who to give which size basket to as well as what will go in each basket.  We always do two different kinds of basket, large and small.  The small ones go to people like Froggy's classmates, teachers and neighbors.  The large ones go to family and close friends and other extra special people. 

And I am scoping out costumes for myself.  Froggy's costume is super easy.  I do not know why but it is much easier for me to make a little kid into Queen Ester than a grown up.  I suppose that is because there are "princess" dresses everywhere in her size and it does not need to built to last many years she will surely outgrow it before long. 

For me on the other hand I want something nice and well built that I can wear for many years.  I am scoping out patterns and fabric options.  These are some of the leading contenders

Which is your favorite?


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