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 The surprise win of the week is If You See a Fairy Ring.  Froggy received this book from a friend for her birthday via a gift certificate.  It just arrived in the mail today.  And oh my goodness it far surpassed our high expectations.  The poems were collected from a wide variety of quality sources and captivated Froggy who is not typically known for enjoying poetry.  But the clicher was the quality of the illustration and the pop up / lift the flap special effects.  Froggy has requested specific poems as well as the entire book multiple times and is constantly looking through it herself.

Daddy introduced Froggy to a new chapter book, Dealing With Dragons,  this week playing up on her love of everything princess.  He so rarely picks books for her that I was thrilled to see this selection even though I wished the timing could have been better.  Since the chapters are so long it is the only story being read at bedtimes right now.  Patricia Wrede is a beloved author in this house.  The Daddy has read all of her books to me at least once each. I don't know if we will make it through the whole book without losing interest but Daddy is having fun finally getting a chance to share one of his favorite chapter books with Froggy.

And no week is complete without at least one favorite picture book.  This week Froggy chose The Purple Coat which is an old favorite.  Froggy and I picked it out together ages ago because purple is my favorite color.  I like the message of being willing to try something new but predominately I love the feel of the family and that Grampa is a tailor and that they show the drafting of the coat and it showed a little girl getting fitted like Froggy gets fitted for new clothes.

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  1. If You See a Fairy Ring sounds fantastic. Our Daddy is also a fantasy fan :) Thanks for joining WMCIR!


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