Winter Wednesday - Trees

We chose our cherry tree to be the focus of our year long tree study mainly because it is the first tree we see every single day and it is often filled with birds to study as well.

We were blessed this week to see it wearing a very spectacular winter garment, a gown of ice.  At first Froggy thought they were buds but once we bundled up and went outside, she got close enough to touch and see that they were ice crystals.

Froggy and I hunted around the ground to see if we could find any seeds of the cherry tree.  We found a couple stuck in the cracks of the sidewalk. 

Since we were traveling this week I was not sure we would get to do our outdoor hour at home, we did it on vacation as well in Boston where there was lots of snow.  We looked at the cattails and talked about where they were growing and how the place they were growing was similar/different to where they grow at home.  The ones Froggy is used to seeing line the edge of the pond near the nature center.  

Unfortunately the camera stayed on vacation (it is being sent back by kind people) so the only pictures I have are from our trip not local study.

We planted the two seeds we found in with the herbs in our egg carton greenhouse starter.  We also made and hung suet feeders on the tree.  Usually we hang them on the maple in the backyard but decided to hang them here this year to honor our tree of study.


  1. A cherry tree! What a great tree that is going to be to study this year. It really will make some changes between now and spring. :)

    Love your cattail photos too and how you connected them with the ones you have at home. Great job keeping your eye out for some nature to study while you were on the road.

    Thank you so much for sharing your link with the OHC.


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