Groundhog Day

In celebration of Punxsutawney Phil predicting an early spring, Froggy and I celebrated Groundhog Day today.  First we read Groundhog Weather School and Groundhog Day by Lynn Peppas which gives a nice history and explanation of the holiday.  Carol Leon Boyd has a cute song that compares Groundhog Day and Tu B'Shevat which we sang.

Froggy discovered a cute animated story about Groundhog Day on Starfall that she introduced to me.

The shining cap of the day (at least in my opinion) was making a Groundhog puppet that popped out its hole to make his prediction.

Froggy painted a cup to be Punx's hole.
Then she cut out a body and head
Attached her new groundhog onto a Popsicle stick and voila


  1. This is so cute! We definitely know that the ground hog saw his shadow here today. While it was beautiful, it was cold.

  2. Hannah made that craft at school too :-)


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