Narration - Boxcar Children

We finished Boxcar Children.  Froggy got the hang of narration through the course of the book.  I did not make her narrate every chapter since we read several chapters in a given week.  As we went through the book she got better at the process and even at times seemed to enjoy although most of the time it was like pulling teeth to get her to do it.

I did not write down all the narrations but I wrote down as many as I could

Here is an early one that I helped her with showing her the goal and process of narration.  First she told me what happened in her words and then I narrated back to her putting the events in order and giving more detail.

Froggy - In this chapter there was a rainstorm and they found a drinking fountain before the rainstorm.
Me - In this chapter the children sleep in a haystack.  They get up at nighttime and leave the farm.  They walk on the road.  They hide from the baker and his wife.  The baker is going to look for the children in Greenfield so the children go to Silver City.  They find a drinking fountain and decide to sleep near it.  A storm comes while they are sleeping.

Narrating the chapter myself probably helped Froggy more than any explanation I could give.

And a later one where she did a fantastic job all by herself

In this chapter, Violet gets sick.  Henry comes and sees that Violet is sick.  He goes to get the doctor.  The doctor comes in his car. Everybody gets in the car and drives back to the doctor's house.


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