Science Sunday - Balancing Stick

Challenge - can you balance a popsicle stick standing up on your finger?  This is the challenge I gave the kids this week. 

When they failed with a plain popsicle stick I showed them my prepared one with wire "arms" They added weights and had to move the arms around to find just the right balance point.  The cheers of success when they got it were invigorating. 
Once everyone got it balanced upright, I challenged them to balance it "diving board" style.  They tried to do it without moving the arms and were surprised that it did not work.  I let them stew for a while and together they actually figured to move the arms out without only minimal prompting and no demonstration.  This idea share is exactly why science works better in a group setting.
The final fun challenge was to build a balanced sculpture.  While they were working I read Bearymore to them.  It is a fun story about a circus bear who struggles to come up with a new act.  He finally finds his answer on the high wire balancing like their Popsicle sticks


  1. Oops, I thought I had commented earlier. Oh well, now to rememdy that.

    I am super impressed at the balancing, that had to of taken a lot of patience.

    Thanks for linking up yet again!


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