Sir Cumfrence

Almost Unschoolers had so much fun with their Geometry studies I just had to give it a try.  We started with Sir Cumfrence and The First Round Table.  I was very concerned that the book would be too grown up for Froggy.  It was not.  Froggy loved it so much we read it several times. On the first read through, she did not quite get the terminology.  So we made a drawing.
Each part is a different color ( I am not sure how well it shows in the picture.) By the final reading of the book Froggy had the terms set in her mind.  She had a great time telling Daddy all about Radius and how little he is 
I cannot wait to do the rest of the books with Froggy. They are a wonderfully fun way to do Math.  

For other fun math ideas check out Math Monday link-up, being hosted by Joyful Learner.


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