Unschooling Meets Charlotte Mason

The principle behind Unschooling is child-led learning.  So last night Froggy took the lead and decided she needed to copy one of her favorite books.  She declared that she wants to copy all the pages and even make a cover for it out of cardboard.

We do copywork as part of our Charlotte Mason style Language Arts studies so that may be where the idea came from but no one set this task to her other than her.  She was very excited and wanted me to watch her do it. She even liked it when I pointed out the errors (namely punctuation and capitalization something we have not really addressed yet) so she could make it more perfect as she went on.


  1. I like that Froggy took the lead on that. Writing is one area where we struggle a lot here, so I am excited to see that there might be a light and desire somewhere down that road.


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