Curriculum Planning

It is that time of year again when all the homeschool moms around here start planning and ordering their curriculum for the Fall.  I think a big part of why all the moms are working on this now is that the state home school convention is happening the end of March.  It is a great time to purchase curriculum and save on shipping if you are prepared enough to do so.

I am pretty happy with our reading and math choices.  We will continue with HWT and Singapore Math.  I hope to pick up the next level of both at the convention.  I am not thrilled with Science or History.  The main reason is that we have not been consistent in doing any. 

For history, we are going to try Story of the World again. We started it in the Fall with a coop and then stopped when the coop stopped.  We have been following the Charlotte Mason guideline more and more over time as it fits our family and this is in keeping with that.

For science I am seriously considering using a boxed curriculum for science this time.  I have not found any I really like but maybe lame science is better than no science at all.

However I am not at all sure what to do with our Hebrew Studies.  Davening, Torah/Mishna , and Values study are all working well .  It is only Hebrew that we struggle with, mostly because the texts I want to use require that the teacher be fluent in Hebrew.  It is basically a case of me not being able to teach well something I do not know.  I ordered a collection of baby books in Hebrew designed as beginning readers.  They come with a cd and are supposedly word light and picture heavy.  I hope between the cd and a dictionary Froggy and I will be able to read and understand the books in short order.


  1. We love The Story of the World. Currently in the middle of Volume two and will be reading volume three next year while also having a year long study of ancient Egypt. Recently we started using the test booklets that go along with each volume as just daily questions to follow up what is read.


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