The English Moor

We are currently reading The Secret Garden.  So to complement our reading we decided to study England for a bit.  We finished our US Map study a while ago and had not picked anything new.  Our new map study is Europe.

First we located both India and England on the big world map.  We traced Mary's journey from India to England.  We then began our focus on Europe.  We will be doing the outline map study again as we did for North America and the U.S. However since Froggy is older and more physically adept, she is going to do it in the more traditional manner and color the countries as she labels them.

I am trying to pull out pieces from the book to use in our study. Lots of the plants, weather and world are unfamiliar to Mary when she arrives on the Moor.  So we looked at what was familiar to her.  We read Countries of the World: India.  The book is full of information but we focused on the land and the section on the British Empire which together showed Mary's view of India. 

We also checked out Discovering Great Britain.  I chose this book from all the books on england because of its photos of the countryside. I explained what a moor is and showed Froggy pictures of the moor.  The natural beauty of the moor and Mary's gradual discovery of that is large part of what I fell in love with about The Secret Garden when I first read it as a little girl. 


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