We have finally restarted our map work.  We love map time and it feels really good to get back to it. For our study this time, we chose Europe.  We are doing it in proper Charolette Mason style this time rather than the repetitive manner we did the last time.

Once a week, when I pull out the atlas and her map, Froggy gets to pick somewhere between 1-3 countries to color and explore. 

First she finds the country she wants to learn about on her blank map.  Then she locates it again in the atlas.  We read the name and maybe some information about it.  Then she colors it on her map.  Through trial and error, we learned it is important to write the name in pen before coloring in the country. 
 By coloring in the country, she learns the actual shape and all it includes. For instance, this week she chose the small islands between Spain and Italy.  When she went to the atlas, she learned that they are actually part of Spain.  I showed her how the color of the country indicates the country boundaries just like on her map.  Since the islands were the same color as the mainland of Spain that means the part of it.  So she colored her map being sure to color the islands as well. It was great timing since we learned about Spain and how to say Buen Viaje (have a good trip) at Daisies this week.


  1. How fun to learn like that. I need to start my kids on more map work to go with what we're learning.


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