Hamentaschen Baking

Unlike many years, we are not actually hosting a Purim party this year.  Our holiday is too full with the activities at shul and invitations we have accepted to host something ourselves.  I tried to explain this to Froggy but she was still very sad.

To make up for this we had some friends over today and made Hamentaschen as a gang. I always expect it to take longer when I bake with children but I had not realized how much less cookies we make.

Still the kids had fun.  We made Froggy's favorite -apricot, my favorite - rasberry, and traditional-lekvar. Each kid got roll and cut out their own.  Then we shared around the jars of filling each with its own spoon. 

It was so fun watching how different the visiting children interacted with the dough and the jam and the mess versus how Froggy reacted to it.  Froggy is not a clean and tidy child by nature.  She has no need to wash when she is dirty. She loves to play in the flour and enjoys mucking all kinds of stuff.

I was involved with the children while we were making the cookies I did not take any pictures but here are some of the ones the children shaped themselves.
We also worked on decorating the cans which will be our Mishlach Manot containers.


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