Hopscotch with a twist

Today was so beautiful the outdoors just called to me.  At the same time, I have been struggling with what to do to make skip counting fun for Froggy.  Bingo!! Inspiration struck.

After a breakfast/school time in the treehouse, I got to hurry through the clean up with a promise of a fun game when we were finished.  All cleaned up she wanted to know where to meet for the game.  When I told her "out front" her little eyes lit up and she could not move fast enough.
Waiting for her on the sidewalk in front of the house was a "hopscotch board", which mind you is what she called it when she saw it.
I explained the game to her and went first.  It is really a lot like regular hopscotch minus the tossing.  I showed her how to hop/jump landing with one foot on the blue number and with both feet on the orange numbers.  I also told her she needs to say the blue numbers out loud as she lands on them.
Viola skip counting practice and no mention whatsoever of Math.
She loved the game and ran through it quite a few times.  She even decided Rapunzel needed to do it.  Her biggest problem was actually balancing enough on one foot to jump onto both feet. She loved it when I would do it with her providing balance for her jumps.
See the Joy one can have doing math.  I love it. For other neat ways to make math fun hop over to Joyful Learner.


  1. Great idea to bring math outside! I love the last photo, how one foot is in mid air. Kids love hopscotch. I might have to bring some chalk to the park today.


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