Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

We did our outdoor time this week at the Zoo.  We have been making lots of trips to the zoo lately because the new additions, 7 lion cubs from 2 litters, are on display now.  We want to see as much of them as we can while they are still cute and playful.
We go often because Froggy's tolerance for standing and watching the same animal is limited even if they are active and fun as the lion cubs.  Personally I could watch them from the time they come on exhibit for the day until they go back inside. Today however they were much more somnolent than other times we have seen them so we did not stay as long.
The young male elephant made up for it though. He was out by himself and extremely playful.  He has a tire swing that he would push around. We also watched him throw his lighter toys back and forth. 

Daddy's favorite is the red panda which is right near the elephant so we stopped there as well.  The first time by we could not find them but lucky for us, we made another attempt.  They were out and we got some great views.
Froggy's favorite thing however was reading all the signs


  1. Cute! I wish we could have zoo outings like this.
    We have an amazing world-class zoo here, and we even have a membership, but a) it's on the other side of the city, and b) you can't see the !$#^ animals.
    They are in SUCH naturalistic enclosures that they are often hard to spot and as such, it's tough to keep kids focused on the animals. Also, c) it's a HUGE zoo. Set into a beautiful natural ravine woodland, it was built with a monorail to "shrink" the distances by whisking you from place to place. But the monorail had an accident in the 80s, from which it has never recovered, and in the 90s, it was removed once and for all. There's a "zoomobile" bus thing that operates about four months of the year, but if you want to see certain animals, it's up to about a 45-minute shlep up and down crazy-steep hills.


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