Mardi Gras

In honor of Aunt Petal who grew up in Cajun Country, we celebrated Mardi Gras on Tuesday.  I made pancakes for breakfast and we read Mardi Gras and the Carnival

The pictures in the book are fantastic and hooked Froggy from the start.  The book talked more about Christianity and Jesus than I would have preferred.  Froggy does not really understand the roots of Christianity.  I am hoping this will change as we work our way through Story of The World Vol 1
We could not help but look at the similarities of Mardi Gras to Purim as we worked our way through the book.  Froggy even pointed out the bells that they ring in Croatia are similar to groggers.

I tried to share Mardi Gras A Cajun Country Celebration  as well. I like this book much much better but the word density and history was too high for Froggy to tolerate it. 


  1. Re: "the book talked more about Christianity and Jesus than I would have preferred"

    To be fair, that's kinda like saying a book about Yom Kippur mentions God, Teshuvah and perhaps Korbanot (sacrifices) more than a Muslim reader would prefer. :-)))

    For Christians, Lent is a season of the utmost sanctity - a journey of deprivation and sorry that may be ushered in with levity but which culminates in (shh) the death of Jesus on Good Friday and his rebirth on Easter Sunday.

    The period may be ushered in with a fun "secular" multicultural festival of a very Purim-dik sort, but at its core, it's a religious occasion.

    And imo, you can't really teach Mardi Gras without teaching Lent, just as I wouldn't want Purim to be the only thing somebody learned about Judaism - or Chanukah, for that matter, though it too often is...

    Wow - way too much text here for the comments section. Sorry!

  2. Isn't Shrove Tuesday the 8th? That's when we're celebrating!

  3. Oops - "devotion and sorrow" not "sorry." :-o

  4. See now if the book had said "death and rebirth" I would have been fine with but it was much more graphic. I certainly expect a book about a religious holiday to mention the religion but the level of detail and the way those details were presented surprised me. I still recommend it and we still read it.

  5. I am going to have to see if I can find this book in our library. What a great post!


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