Menu Planning Monday - 15 Adar II

First a quick review - the salmon chowder was amazing.  The flavor was perfect.  For the future though I would make a roux to thicken it up.  We had homemade bread with using our pizza dough recipe but turning it into a loaf instead and the whole loaf was gone in one sitting.

The hamentaschen came out great.  The most popular filling was a new jam from Wegmans, apricot, peach and passion fruit.  I really liked the spiced nuts but need to remember to double the recipe when making next time.  The truffles are always the favorite for the recipients and my least favorite.  I returned to using a hot water bath for melting the coating chocolate.

Sunday -Salmon Chowder and Challah (leftovers)
Monday -Cranberry Chicken Dippers and spicy carrot sticks both from (Kosher By Design 20 Something)
Tuesday -  Pasta with homemade sauce, salad and garlic bread
Wednesday - Picnic -Asian chicken wraps, pretzels and apple slices
Thursday -Tacos, refried beans and rice
 Shabbat -Challah, Soup, Pot Roast, Maple Roasted Peasrs and Sweet Potatoes(Kosher By Design 20 Something), steamed broccoli, and desserts as yet to be decided.


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