One Small Square

According to our Winter Outdoor Challenge Series, we were supposed to study one small square

I let Froggy choose the location with the caveat that it had to be someplace no one would trip over it.  Her first several choices were right in the walking paths around the yard but eventually she settled on a safe place. 
Having established our location, we marked off the square.  Froggy got a great lesson in how to measure.  She knew the ruler needed to be straight but was not making sure that the zero mark was at her starting point.  I showed her how it changed her measurement when she was not careful. 

Once our square was marked, we took a look around.  I wrote down everything Froggy found. 
The square was not as interesting as it will be later in spring.  We found dead leaves, little twigs, green grass and clover.  We did not see any bugs at all.  Froggy commented on their absence.  This is probably the first time ever in her life that she has dug in the ground and not seen bugs. So we looked it up and read about where all the bugs went .  

We will keep the square where it is and come back to study it through out the year.


  1. I am so glad you are going to keep your square up for the spring to make some comparisons from season to season. This will be a great way to learn so much about your own backyard. Maybe next time there will be some insects!

    Thanks for sharing your study with the OHC. Love your daughter's dress!


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