Since our house is totally immersed in Purim preparations, this week geography/history lesson consisted of a virtual trip to the Persian Empire. It was inspired by the Purim mapwork handout from Adventures in Mamaland.  She is the source of much of our Limudei Kodesh but it is surprising when we find secular work there as well. 

Froggy was fascinated with the map.  There was so much to look at and talk about.  We reviewed continents which we had learned in our initial map study but not touched on lately. Froggy had apparently forgotten much of it.  She was amazed that one country - even an empire - could touch more than one continent. 

We also learned some about who the Persians were beyond the brief moment we see of them in the Megillah.


  1. It's always so fun to study something that we are in preparation for. It seems to really bring the actual event more meaningful.


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