Planting a Garden

Our Daisy troop is starting the Earth and Sky Journey.  Journeys were added to  the traditional petals.try-its and badges to broaden the program.  This is my very first experience with a Journey.

Typically the girls would start with Welcome to The Daisy Garden.  Since our girls are not, we thought it might be nice to introduce them to the flower friends that guide them or join them on this journey through planting a Daisy Garden.

It was so fun.  The girls were thrilled to hear the little introduction  speech each flower has.  After we introduced the characters, we moved over to our garden.  Each girl got to plant one of the flowers that corresponds to the characters in the story.

We wet the soil and prepared the garden.  We started with Sunflower, a seed most of girls had seen before and were familiar with.  We talked about proper planting depth and put the seed in.  We then planted the seed and marked it with a marker.  The markers were made by printing the images of the flower friends and their introductions on card stock and gluing them to Popsicle sticks. 
As we planted we compared the size and shape of the seed.  We look at a bulb as we planted a blossoming tulip. 
We also planted a rose bush and potted violets and talked about different ways of propagating and that not all plants grow best from seeds.

When we finished we placed the planter in the window sill of the building where we meet.  The girls will get to tend the garden and watch the seeds develop as we take our journey.


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