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We have finished the planning stages of our Purim planning and moved into the preparation stage.  We finalized the costumes.  Froggy decided that we all have to be biblical characters even though we are not all from the Purim story.  Froggy will be Queen Esther.  Acorn will be Vashti.  Froggy chose both costumes from her dressup bucket complete with crowns and jewelry.  Daddy will be Haman with a newly purchased costume. And I get to Miriam with her timbrel.  Mine is the only costume to be made. 

We have our Mishlach Manot lists finished both those to be hand delivered and those to mail.  The hand-delivered ones will contain hamantashen, truffles (store-bought), chocolate-dipped dried apricots, and spiced nuts.  Froggy is working on decorating the coffee cans we are recycling into our containers. 

And of course while we complete all these preparations, we are reading all our favorite Purim stories.  We added a couple of new ones this year. 
We bought Cakes and Miracles after Froggy's Hebrew school teacher read it to the class.  Many received it from PJ Library but we got a different book. It is a great story about surpassing challenges, being different and how everyone can find their own special way to glorify Hashem.

Two old favorites are also in heavy rotation.  The Whole Megillah  is too old and involved for Froggy to read by herself in its entirety but we read it together and she reads parts of it.  I like it because it is the only Purim book we have that actually presents the proper Purim story.   Froggy still loves her very first Purim book, It's Purim Time, probably because it is about Kindergarteners like her. 


  1. Those sound like great books! We'll check them out.

  2. My 5-year-old loves It's Purim Time. Every time he goes to the synagogue library he gets a different It's...Time book. Thanks for the other suggestions!

  3. Thanks for joining WMCIR! It's Purim Time sounds interesting even though we don't celebrate Purim here.

  4. We don't celebrate Purim either but I think it's so interesting to hear these stories. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check some of these out. Stopping by from What my child is reading



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