Counting a picture

Thanks to a suggestion from Almost Unschoolers, we created a Popsicle puzzle to help us learn our skip-counting by fours. 

I taped 10 Popsicle together side by side.  Froggy colored a rainbow.
I then wrote the skip counting numbers on other side.  I forgot the tip of going backwards though. 
 Then we scrambled them up and Froggy got to put them in order.
She had no trouble at all sorting them into the proper order. Unfortunately because I did not number them backwards the picture did not turn out properly.  So we did it again, "Hebrew Style" starting on the right hand side.

Froggy was very happy that the rainbow came out correctly this time.  She loves putting it together now.  She is getting quite proficient with her skip counting.  When we tried to do it in the car with out the aide of the rainbow, she was not perfect but was able to correct herself and finish the series without intervention.

For other neat ways to make math fun hop over to Joyful Learner.


  1. I love Almost Unschoolers! What a beautiful rainbow puzzle :)

  2. I love how the rainbow came out and we're a big fan of Almost Unschoolers too!


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