Four Questions

I am such a proud mama today.  Froggy read the Four Questions at both seders this year.  I had no doubt she would do it and do a great job at first seder.  She was in her house and it was just our tiny mishpacha.  She read them with a big voice, proud and confident.  She stumbled only one time on the very last question. 

But the truly amazing part was last night.  We attended a Reform community seder which was packed with people of all ages.  When the rabbi asked the children who wanted to read, Froggy was eager and very much wanted to go up.  I was surprised that she was the only one to want to do so.  None of the older children present volunteered despite encouragement. 

I went up with her and pointed to the words as she read.  I quietly encouraged as she read but did not prompt or assist her at all. She read with a tiny tiny voice that even I had trouble hearing at times but she read the whole thing. 

She beamed with pride as she hid in my belly, walking back to our table.  She is so much braver and more social than I ever was.  She greeted all those young and old that she knew from Tot Shabbat services and thanked everyone for their compliments with grace.


  1. What an amazing moment; you should be proud!

    Naomi Rivka never ever sang the 4 questions, even just alone at our house. Not when she was 3, or 4, or 5, or even this year, at 6. Too much pressure, even just here.

    Gavriel Zev, on the other hand, turned in two stunning performances (the first night as Spot, his toy dog, all nasal and squeaky, and the second night in his regular voice) this year at age 3. Yay!

    (and I don't take it personally either way, having had both singers and non-singers over the years)


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