Menu Planning Monday - 21 Nisan 5771

With the end of Pesach within sight, I am allowing myself the luxury of thinking about chamatz in my menu again.  We have kept the chol hamoed meals simple with the exception of Shabbat and I have done very little cooking.  One of the hardest parts of Pesach for me is not making Challah on Erev Shabbat.  I did not make a single dessert the entire holiday thanks to a wonderful local bakery I found through the Shul that makes KLP dessert that are phenomenal.

Monday - Lemon Fish on Spagetti Squash with Sauteed Green beans
Tuesday - Pesach ends at Sundown - Pizza Dinner our after sunset.
Wednesday - Cranberry couscous salad (KBD Lightens Up)
Thursday - Pasta, garlic bread and homemade sauce.
Shabbat - Challah, cream of tomato soup, maple salmon, rice, keem, miso broccoli, blueberry crisp with homemade blueberry coconut milk ice cream.  (I will make the entire meal parve but it could be a dairy meal for those who can do dairy)


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