My Latest Creations

Prior to Baby O's arrival I managed to actually finish a few of projects.

 This is her Pesach dress.  I needed her to try it on and she decided it was time for a modeling shoot.  Please ignore the rainbow on her forehead.  That would be the Daddy corrupting her.  He has an insane love for decorating foreheads.

And this is her new shawl.  She picked the yarn.  The pattern is a super easy one given to me by a friend.  It is just two rectangles.  That is what I need in a knitting pattern.

Now it is time to start making things for Baby O.  But wait there is now no time to make things :)


  1. Wait a minute... who is Baby O??? I totally can't keep track of your family! Anyway, enjoy him/her!

    p.s. "Baby O" is what we call those little peelable seedless clementines / mandarins - ie "Baby Oranges." We just say "pass me a baby o."
    We're maybe a bit weird.


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